Annoying and Nice Things People Do Around People Who Have Tourette’s

The Annoying

  1. Stare
    Staring is something you have to get used to when you have Tourette’s, but if you’re curious as to what I’m doing, just ask me what’s up, and I’ll be happy to explain. Don’t just stare.
  2. Usher their children away
    Tourette’s doesn’t mean you’re drunk, high or crazy. Tourette’s does not harm children. Do not usher them away.
  3. Tell me to calm down
    Telling a person with Tourette’s to calm down is like telling a depressed person to cheer up. You just don’t do it.
  4. Imitate the tics
    Just rude. And annoying. And makes me feel self-conscious.
  5. Ignore the tics so much you that ignore the person
    So often when I am ticcing a lot, people ignore me entirely, not including me in the conversation. Just because I’m yelling “boobs” all the time doesn’t mean I don’t have anything valuable to contribute.

The Nice

  1. Ask questions
    I’m happy to answer anyone’s questions on Tourette’s. I’ve become a bit of a walking Tourette’s encyclopaedia. I might as well be. This thing is chronic and incurable: I’m having it forever.
  2. Open up about their own health struggles
    This is just so sweet and happens quite often. Once, I spoke to someone about my Tourette’s and she immediately opened up about her deafness. It breaks the ice.
  3. Laugh with me
    My tics can be hilarious. Laugh with me.
  4. Treat me no differently
    I love it when people don’t patronise, point, or stare at me, when they just treat me as a person who tics, because, guess what? I’m just a person who tics.
  5. Massage my shoulders
    Why this calms me down, I have no idea. But it works and I love it. To be fair, it’d be a bit odd if a random person off the street started massaging my shoulders, but friends and family? Sure.

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